Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31st 2012

And the US Eventing team sort of failed... not as badly as the Canadians or some of the other teams that were no longer teams but really? Katie and I have been following the Olympics thanks to the iPhone/android app and it has been quite fun. It is something to follow that isn't happening within our little five acre compound that is the farm. Besides the Olympics we know nothing of what is going on that isn't told to us directly.

Rode Geologo, Twilight, Nixon, Lion, and Pastracito. I did spend like an hour walking Skyline under saddle this afternoon as well, letting him develop his walk some more. In the afternoon the vet was here looking at some horses and doing X-rays for the young mares. We did treatments and got the foals on the walker and then I was sent out to drag the ring. It takes about an hour so that basically ended my day. Eating dinner and then off to watch some tv and go to bed.

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  1. The Olympics eventing was fab, managed to watch a lot of it online which was great - I've never been able to follow it so closely before.
    Was overjoyed at how Ireland's young riders stepped up the the mark - ended up with a team as 5 individuals qualified, but then we had two fallers on XC day - the three remaining riders managed to finish 5th overall & 7th, 14th & 20something I think individually. Fantastic performances considering we weren't supposed to have that many representatives! ;)
    I missed the two dressage days, but saw most of the XC - challenging course, I know I'd never have managed it! Loved the half moon fence & the drop with the view of the city in the background - looked fab!

    Sorry am waffling now - hope you got to see some more of the Equestrian events at the Olympics - saw most of the SJ and am in love with Rich Fellers gorgeous Irish stallion Flexible! Also am thoroughly chuffed with Cian O'Connor's bronze individual medal - well earned considering he lost his Gold after Athens - wasn't even performance enhancing and he's kept his nose clean since - such a wonderful competitor...i could go on all day so best shut up!
    i will just say one final thing in parting, I don't know if you got to see the Dressage - if not the three British riders did really well. Rode beautiful tests tests to clinch Team Gold & then cleaned up with Individual Gold & Bronze also! What a year for Team GB at the Olympics - i usually can't support them for stupid nationalistic reasons - but was well delighted for the UK and how well the Olympics went for the Nation!