Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 11th 2012

No rain, but it was very frosty this morning. Not to mention about a third of the power to the farm was out so no walker or lights in our apartment. It slowed down the morning a bit but we got everything done. Justinion, Geologo, Benito, Luli, Skyline, Lion, Pastracito, Cylene, and then lunged Uxmal. Martin was gone in the afternoon so Katie and I finished up the barn with the guys before dinner. Power was back for the afternoon which made life easier, especially having heat and lights in the house. Even if our eat is a single heater in the hallway between our rooms set on high in an attempt to keep both rooms reasonably warm. As in, I am wearing flannel pjs and a sweatshirt and under a heavy blanket and I will be a little chilly in the morning as everything cools off. 

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