Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 14th 2012

And the days continue. Only nine today; Justinion, Geologo, Skyline, Cylene, Puccini, Lion, Benito, Jour, and Herodes. I would have ridden Virtuoso too but we waited to ride him till late when the vet got there to look him over and my hip wasn't feeling 100% so Katie rode him for the vet. We then helped clean tack and stuff to help the guys since Carlos got to drag the ring. Martin's dad dropped by to pay Carlos and Oscar and left money for Walter who will be here tomorrow. Then Katie and I did dinner and are off to bed. Since Rachel and Martin aren't here, Katie is letting Violetta sleep with her. Meanwhile, one of the barn cats, Chester, is sleeping with me. 

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  1. Through most of my school years, we had a yellow tiger named Chester.