Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 16th 2012

Well the power came back on around 11:30 last night. The day was fairly normal. Rode all the horses. Most were fine even after a day off. Justinion, Geologo, Skyline, Puccini, Cylene, Lion, Pastrocito, and Herodes. I am really starting to like Justinion. For a 4yr old stallion he is just such a joy to ride but he has enough spunk to be really talented. In the afternoon I was able to relax a little, helped Katie with her last few horses, and cleaned some tack. We then let Carlos drag the ring while we put three of the foals on the walker for the first time. It was quite amusing to watch and they definitely gave themselves a workout. One of them seemed to have gotten it but the other two had gotten in the same section together and still hadn't really figured it out an hour later. They will get it eventually. Three more will go on tomorrow afternoon and again the day after. And now our power is out again. It went out at about the same time as yesterday so we are hoping it will come on again in the night. Of course, as we were heading back to the apartment and getting Chester and Violleta, we found one of the horses cast in his stall. He was pretty good about letting us get him rolled over and then just got up and looked a little miffed that we had woken him up. Good thing it was a calm one and not one of the more difficult horses (or bigger ones).  

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