Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 5th 2012

Since the ring was still muck, we took 6 horses to San Martin to ride in their covered ring. Day started with quickly doing the morning treatments then loading up the horses and all the tack to drive over there. It is normally only about half an hour but there was traffic and stuff so it took longer than usual. I warmed up Luli for Martin while he rode Cor Lit and Katie rode Herodes. Then Martin warmed up Nixon for me because he had been so silly yesterday. He was still feeling good so I just walk trotted around, trying to get him focused and to stop being silly, he did settle really nicely though. I got to see some other Argentinian riders which was a little scary at times. This one lady and her horse were jumping and seemed to have o control what so ever and every jump was scary. There were better examples of riding as well. On we had ridden all six horses we packed up and left. We got back in time for lunch and then set about doing more chores, and continuing to clip. I probably would have finished Fantisma if the clippers hadn't broken (it was a fairly simple fix that just required a new part) and then I had to hold another horse for Katie while she clipped him since he was making it a little difficult for her. I will probably finish Fantasma tomorrow, all that is left are his legs, belly, and head. Dinner was an adventure. Katie and I decided to try and make pizza. We had a 'frozen' pizza dough and put tomato sauce, cheese, and some seasoning on it. The problem was figuring out how to cook it. We didn't know how to work the oven so we tried to cook it over a fire in the fireplace thing. We had issues getting the fire going and hot enough though so we ended up giving up and finishing it in the microwave. The fire had managed to toast the crust so it wasn't soggy and amazingly enough, it did taste like cheese pizza! No idea what we are doing tomorrow, I'll find out in the morning :)

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