Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1st 2012

Wow, over a month here. The days seem to fly by, which is good I guess. The weather sucked today, not too cold but damp and almost drizzling most of the day. Mono came by to watch Martin so we banged out a lot of horses really quickly, finishing them all before lunch. I rode Geologo, Twilight, Justinion, Nixon, Benito, Lion and Herodes. Twilight I jumped a bit and was so so. It started out fine but then I had trouble holding pace and we sort of crashed and burned. Katie and I had lessons on Lion and Herodes (she was on Jour and Pastracito). Both were very similar, working on accuracy, I was just riding two very different horses. In the afternoon we walked the foal and did little things around the barn. I organized all of the boots because it was getting on my nerves, and helped Katie clip noses and ears and stuff. Dinner and then off to bed as usual.

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