Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 4th 2012

We got to ride a few today before it started raining again. The ring was slick and all I did was walk/trot to get them stretched out and a little tired after 3-4 days off. I rode Skyline, Justinion, Lion, and then Nixon for a few minutes. He was being bad so Rodrigo took over the ride and apparently almost fell off. We called it quits before lunch because the ring was awful and we didn't want any injuries or anything. Had lunch with the guys. Katie does most of the translation at the moment, although some of the time she doesn't know either which is always amusing. I just laugh along. We spent the afternoon clipping (well Katie was clipping). I did some odds and ends. Then Martin showed me how to body clip, using Fantisma who is injured (and gray) so it doesn't matter if the clip job isn't great. He was loving it and actually being helpful which was cool. I don't think I am too horrible at it but the real test will be when I do a bay or chestnut where the lines will actually show. Tomorrow we are planning on taking a few horses over to the local horse club that has a covered arena so we can ride since our ring needs to really dry out. We had lunch with Martin and Rachel which was fun. Good food, we watched some TV with Spanish subtitles for Katie and I, and talked a bunch. It was nice. I am probably going to be hurting tomorrow, between transitioning back to non jointed stirrups and just so many more horses than usual, my hips, knees, and ankles are all going to be a little ouchy. Hopefully it won't be too bad though.

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