Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22nd 2012

I had an awesome day today. It started out nice and slow, getting up around 9:30 to shower and then eat breakfast. Then Katie and I got a ride into Capital with Rachel and Martin. They dropped us off at a large park and left us with plans to meet at the Aleman (one of the three horse clubs) later. There was a market thing going on so Katie and I wandered around, looking at all the shiny stuff. There was a lot that I wanted but knew that I shouldn't get since I have another 4 months left and I probably couldn't get most of it home. Almost all of the vendors could tell that we didn't speak Spanish which was funny but a little sad. We also went into one of the big churches and looked around. It was very pretty. Next to/behind the park and church was an old cemetery. It wasn't like the ones in the USA which are mostly just tomb stones. This was like a city of little houses for the dead. Some were very very fancy and others were old and broken and probably hadn't been looked after in years. Definitely not the sort of place I would want to be after dark. After wandering around the park we headed over to a mall to find some food and look around a bit. We had ice cream for lunch and then set off to find the Aleman on foot. It was a nice long walk along one of the main roads with a beautiful park on one side for most of it. It took us probably about an hour to walk there, just in time to watch the grand prix class. It was interesting to watch, and I couldn't help but note that even though the jumps were 1.50m, they didn't look that scary to me after eventing for all this time. We saw some really nice horses go and I wished I had my good camera but for the most part, spectating was just fine. We met up with Rachel and Martin just in time to watch the jump off and then we headed home. Katie and I had a quick dinner and now I am going to head off to bed. Back to work tomorrow so back to the usual riding and getting my but kicked.

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  1. It looks like a couple of your pictures are from the cemetery?