Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 20th 2012

Yet another day. With Martin back things went very quickly and we had finished all but two before lunch. For the most part we were just warming up horses for Martin but we did do some grid work with a few. I got to jump Herodes, which was an adventure in feeling like crap. He is a good jumper and it took me a bit to figure out how to ride it. Martin made us go through the grid with one hand on the reins and then the other one out in front of our face, pointing where we were going. It worked really well to bring me back and more with the motion. Herodes was a good sport and didn't kill me for riding like crap. In the afternoon it was the same grid exercise with Lion. I got to keep me reins this time and instead he just made us smile as we went down the grid, which after jump two I always would forget and then he would yell out to smile again at which point I would laugh and smile. Lion has a much easier jump so I felt much better riding it after my failure with Herodes. Besides those two I rode Geologo, Pastrocito, Justinion, Benito, Puccini, Cylene, and Virtuoso. We then headed out to look at two more horses for a client. As we were driving I realized how flat everything is here. I haven't seen a real hill since I left home and that is strange. I have never spent any amount of time somewhere this flat. Driving places is also a reminder of how different things are here. Either we are driving on the highway with lots of tolls, or we are driving along straight flat roads that have giant holes in them or are just dirt and not exactly level. Very very different from back home. It is so easy to forget that I am living in a third world country when all I usually see is the inside of our five acre compound.

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  1. The consensus seems to be that Argentina (with Brazil and a number of others) are 'second world', which is interpreted as "urban areas have developed infrastructure, rural areas don't".