Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26th 2012

Horse show day. Although not really an actual show. Katie accidentally mixed up when we had to get up with when we had to be in the barn so instead of getting up at 4 to be in the arm at 5, we got up at 3 to be in the barn by 4. Very early start to the day. We loaded six horses onto the trailer and headed over to Equis to school over their course and video the horses as well as get Nacar and Uxmal off the property. Luli, Nixon, Skyline, Twilight, Cor Lit, Cylene, Nacar, Uxmal, Mauro, Justinion, and Georgia all came today and got worked there. It took two trips and all morning but it happened. I warmed up Justinion, Luli, and Twilight for Martin. Once we got home I rode Lion before lunch and then Geologo after lunch. I also walked Virtuoso under saddle for Martin. The day end with getting six new mares, most of which were completely unbroken. It was an adventure getting them into their stalls and one was practically picked up and shoved in but it happened. Then Katie and I had dinner and headed off to bed.

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