Sunday, July 1, 2012


Wish me luck! My plane leaves at 4pm, a connection in Dallas and then on to Argentina. I should land there tomorrow morning at around 9:25am. They are GMT-4, so an hour ahead, which shouldn't be too bad to adjust to. I am almost completely packed, although I will be stopping at the store to grab some last minute stuff and deposit a check. My bag is not completely full yet which is a minor miracle but it will be more than 50lbs :P not that I mind paying a bit of an overweight fee. I will have everything I need and possibly a little extra which is not a bad thing when packing for a year. I really should finish cleaning my room before I go but I have at least done the important stuff so mom can't get super pissed. It only looks bad atm because the little bit of stuff that isn't put away is all spread out.


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  2. Good luck! (or should I say "Break a Leg"?)

    BTW, because of Daylight Savings Time, we're currently GMT-4. Searching the web, it appears that Argentina is GMT-3, so while they're currently one hour ahead of us, they'll be two hours ahead of us with DST ends.