Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 13th 2012

Friday the 13th, not that I realized this until now and the day was pretty good actually. Rachel and Martin are away on vacation for the next week so Katie and I are in charge. I rode Justinion, Skyline, Benito, Puccini, Lion, Virtuoso, Cylene, Jour, and Geologo. I also lunged Herodes. The guys were the guys, Carlos is very quiet but he does as asked and never talks back like Walter. Walter is fun but can be really annoying when he doesn't want to work. As punishment for talking back Katie had Walter moving foals around which is always an adventure as they don't exactly lead so well. The real fun will be when we put them on the walker and see what happens. Just before the guys were going to leave for the night, the shavings people showed up to drop off the shavings. Since one of them was apparently Brazilian, I got to sit with the dogs to keep them from attacking the guy. Star was torn between crawling into my lap and wanting to growl at the guys, Quatro was much more content to hang around and Jimmy just wanted to say hi to the guys. Dinner, and then off to bed. It was warmer today which was nice since the barn got to air out a bit and our house stayed a little warmer. 

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