Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24th 2012

Not as warm today as the past few days but still nice. Rode Geologo, Pastracito, Justinion, Lion, Puccini, Benito, and Twilight. I got to jump Justinion and Twilight. Twilight I got to do a little course, ending with the modified grid, four jumps, two strides apart all of them. It took me a few tries but I did get through it successfully and earned a "good" from Martin. Justinion was a simpler exercise, taking a six stride line and playing with adjustability some. Again it took me a few tries to get it right. Hopefully by the end of this I can get it right the first time but for now a few tries is okay.

In the afternoon we drove out to look at some driving horses for another client. There were lots of dogs and large horses. We tried two teams of 2. All the horses were young, 3yrs old or so, but quite good. Katie and I had fun sitting in the backs of the carts and coming along for the ride. Martin drove both pairs as well. The owner then invited us in and we had tea/coffee in his house, which was very very cool. He had lots of carriages too which was neat. Then home again for dinner and bed.

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