Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 12th 2012

Another busy and different day at Rancho Pampa. It started off with the usual, Justinion and Geologo. Then Cylene, a big 4yr old mare. Martin worked us through a grid, three two two and I felt like I rode like crap. Then did the same thing on Skyline and after I settled into his jump which is very powerful, it just flowed pretty much perfectly and I was able (with Martin's help of course) to really work on perfecting Skyline's jump while staying out of his way. Then Benito and Puccini. Rodrigo was back but unable to ride so he just lunged horses all morning which sped up the day considerably, on top of having three horses used in lessons which meant three less for us to ride. After lunch I rode Jour and Martin had us do a few exercises to help us both loosen up over a few single fences. After that we cleaned up in the barn and watched Martin look at all the foals to find the four ugliest to leave the farm. Last minute we showed Pura to her owner and then I held Fantasma for his vet who was very nice and spoke enough English to communicate.

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