Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21th 2012

Another day at Rancho Pampa. I feel like I say that a lot but it is true. Things started out a bit slow for me since Rodrigo is riding again so my usual first horse was ridden by him instead. What was supposed to be just warming up Cor Lit for Martin turned into me schooling him. Then I got on Justinion and did the grid. I feel like I was riding through it much better today and I even got a 'very good' from Martin which feels great when it happens. It wasn't perfect but despite lacking pace for a lot of it, Justinion helped make me look good. Then I warmed up Benito and Skyline for Martin. Last of all I did a little bit of warm up for Virtuoso before his photo shoot and successfully got yelled at for walking over a caveleti wrong. Go me. Welcome to life as a working student. Anyway, I didn't fail completely.

In the afternoon we headed off to look at some horses for clients out at another farm. The guy who owned it does combined driving which is awesome. I wish I was that brave. He and his wife spoke some English which was nice and they were very very nice people. There were some conversations in Spanish which were completely over my head but someway I will understand it and be able to actually sort of join in... I hope.

Internet came back today, if you didn't notice. And amazingly it is still on as I am writing this. Katie and I had microwave cake for dinner and I also made bacon which was tasty. Tomorrow is our day off. Most likely we will be heading into the city to wander around and then going to watch a Grand Prix which will be fun, my first real adventure off the compound not counting going to the store or to other farms with Martin.

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