Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 18th 2012

Well the power stayed on today which was good. Sadly no Internet again. Rode Geologo, Benito, Skyline, Lion, Pastracito, Herodes, and Justinion. Today was transition day it seemed. Lots of walk trot and walk canter transitions to soften up the beasties. I have also decided that Justinion would be a perfect stallion for Zoe, my mare back home. For a 4yr old stallion he is such a good boy, pleasant and fun to ride, good bone, and not so huge as to make a Zoe baby even bigger. Now if only I could make it work ;) I finished relatively early so I worked around the afternoon treatments to try and bake a cake. Unfortunately our oven doesn't work so it took some creativity but eventually I ended up with something like pudding and when microwaved it was more like cake and very very good. Lemon cake mix, dulce de leche, and apples, hard to go wrong. Then Katie and I sat around sharing music in the kitchen and chatting. We were up later tonight than usual so I will feel it in the morning. Martin should be back tomorrow though so things will change up again then. Not to mention I have one less horse to ride tomorrow since Skyline managed to pull his shoe at the end of our ride today.

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