Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 17th 2012

Grrr!! Like clockwork, the power went out yet again just after 7pm. At least today we had Internet for the afternoon so I got to talk with people and post a whole bunch more to my blog. The whole not having power every night thing is getting old really fast, especially when it goes out just before we are going to take our showers. So far it has come back on before we get out of the house (7am this morning) so I hope it does the same. If it comes back on early enough I will try and take a shower in the morning before breakfast. And now Chester is helping me write which is hard enough on a tablet without him blocking my view and licking my fingers. Rode Geologo, who is continuing his rehab and needs a little less beating to get going then he did the first time. He is perhaps the laziest stallion I have ever met, actually probably the laziest horse but he apparently can jump which is good. Then Puccini, Benito, Lion, Pastrocito, Herodes, and Cylene. Justinion and Skyline were both lunged by Rodrigo which made my day go considerably faster. I was done with the horses by lunch and since we finally had Internet I was able to do some catching up and relaxing for the afternoon. I did help out with stuff, did treatments and sat on dogs while the shavings guys were here. My Spanish is slowly getting better. I can now notice when people are talking about me and very basic stuff as well as single words. Hopefully the Internet will come back on again with the power but that is questionable here. We shall see. Tomorrow, however, the showering will be done before dinner.

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