Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 4th 2012

August 4th 2012

I am turning into the cat lady. There are currently three cats in our house, two of which are on my bed. Chester and Lady Jane (my regular cat). Ramone is also in the house thanks to Katie so we shall see how this goes.

Since our ring is still soaked, we took 10 horses over to San Martin to get them worked. The show was supposed to be today but got moved to tomorrow thanks to the rain. We took Benito, Luli, Nixon, Puccini, Skyline, Justinion, Mauro, Cylene, Georgia, and Buck. I rode Skyline and Justinion, just a light flat school as prep for the show tomorrow. On the way back we dropped Buck off at her new home. We had dinner with Martin and Rachel and now off to bed. Early start tomorrow.

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