Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 2nd 2012

Another damp day. Rode Geologo, Twilight, Skyline, Herodes, Pastracito and I was about to get on Lion when it started to rain. I jumped Twilight again and did much better than yesterday. I also schooled a few jumps on Herodes to make up for my not so hot ride yesterday.

It really rained, like poured, so the ring is nicely flooded. In the downpour Katie and I put foals on the walker and had a few interesting moments. One of them got away and decided to be a mountain goat, jumping up onto the muck pile (which was when I let go, deciding not to risk a face full of crap, literally). I then set about the task of clipping all the noses and ears which was interrupted often so took longer than expected. The afternoon went fast enough though but tomorrow is probably going to be very slow with no ring and only doing barn stuff.

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