Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Making a list

and checking it twice!
(ear worm!)

All those last minute things are starting to seem more real... like actually knowing what I need to bring. I have my list, tomorrow is the last shopping trip and then I leave on sunday. My birthday dinner is friday night, I do sort of have to keep doing my other job (working for Vector Marketing) until I leave but whatever.

The cat is sleeping on my bed... I'll miss the cat :( and the dog. And my mare, Zoe. I'm going to try and ride her today and tomorrow, maybe friday and definitely saturday. I wish I could ride her during the day but I want the rides to be enjoyable since I won't get to ride her for almost 6 months. I just hope she is good for mom while I am away :(

I also need to clean my room before I go, which doesn't seem to be happening. It will probably get closed off too, and Pluto will be sad. He always spends the days in here since it is quiet and there are places for him to sleep (like my bed right now).

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