Thursday, June 28, 2012

Counting Down: T-3 Days

I went shopping today to get the last of the things I need (except for a quick stop at the store for snacks on the plane and some toiletries). Polos, sports bras, a few light weight long sleeve shirts as well. Also picked up the super massive duffle that will hold all of my stuff (hopefully).

I rode my girl last night for the second to last time in a while :( She was lame, as usual, but more so than normal. I hope she does okay without me. If I'm lucky, mom will decide to breed her and not send her off to tufts vet school to become just another research animal :(

I have to go up to the office tonight for a phone jam to schedule up my last three days. Since they consist of my birthday, my last full day, and the beginning of the day I leave, I'm not too thrilled. Tomorrow I really should spend cleaning my room and getting stuff organized, especially since I have my b-day dinner that evening too. Saturday, I am already doing 1 demo and then I need to return my stuff  before going out to a concert. I should really do most of my packing on saturday too. Sunday... well there is no way I am working on sunday. I will be packing, saying goodbye, and frantically buying music for my iPod. *sigh* Well, I'll go up there and at least talk to my manager about it... but then it will be an extra 2 hours of my day wasted. Joy.

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